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You’ll only get authentic and Traditional Cuisine at Hotel Alba Serena in Misano

Savour authentic, traditional cuisine and excellent pastries and desserts

After a relaxing morning on the beach or an afternoon stroll you’re starving hungry and you’d eat anything, wouldn’t you? Don’t worry, at the Hotel Alba Serena you won’t have to just make do.
A really generous buffet awaits!

Sit down at a table in the restaurant at Hotel Alba Serena and begin to savour the delicacies that make up our buffet one by one.

Every day, guests can choose from a selection of three first courses and three main courses prepared by the skilled hands of our kitchen staff, a highly-qualified team that, over the years, has worked at Hotel Olympic and Hotel Alba Serena in Misano.

Try a little of what you fancy, from fish which is always available, to meat, or stay light with a colourful, locally-sourced vegetable dish with ingredients from our family farm.


To end this symphony of great food in the best possible way, guests at Hotel Alba Serena, can enjoy an authentic sweet note every day. Yes, because every morning the pastry chef at the hotel prepares fresh, homemade desserts including puddings, mousses, cakes and sorbets.


Every day, at lunch or dinner or at lunch and dinner, savour the exquisiteness of authentic traditional local and Mediterranean cuisine, from the delicious dishes you can only find at the restaurant at Hotel Alba Serena in Misano.


William A

Great stay

We went back and we found, as always, a very good stay. always friendly, clean place everywhere, equipped and eat yummy. To be repeated every year as ? family holiday.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5


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