The beach is really near Hotel Alba Serena in MIsano

The beach the hotel has a special agreement with looks forward to seeing you

The sea is a stone’s throw away and can be reached easily and quickly from Hotel Alba Serena

And do you want to know what else? For guests at Hotel Alba Serena beach facilities at special discount rates include 1 sun umbrella and 2 beds, as well as all facilities and animation services.

  • Pool
  • Private cabins
  • Sanitized toilets for adults and for the disabled
  • Children’s cabins
  • Beach volleyball, beach tennis and five-side-football courts, bowls and ping pong table
  • Fitness area for adults
  • Reading corner with magazines and books
  • Aerobics, aquagym and stretching
  • Animation and kids’ mini-club
  • Fenced in games area for children